Expression Web [Extras]

Tools and Enhancements for Microsoft Expression Web

About Expression Web Extras Expression Web Extras is a collection of tools and enhancements for Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft's premiere Web authoring tool. From an integrated Google sitemap builder to a task pane cleaner to free interactive buttons, it's the source for Expression Web professionals.

Sitemap Builder Window

Create perfectly formatted XML sitemaps for Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live, and others with a single click.

The SEO Macro Kit's Sitemap Builder Window

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Fact: When the Expression Web Extras site went live on 5/27/07 with a published sitemap.xml file, by 6/6/07 it was in Google's index. A few days later it was in Yahoo's.


About the Sitemap Builder Window

  • No XML knowledge required.
  • Validates with Google's Webmaster Tools.
  • The Expression Web Don't Publish property is honored. If set, the file is not included in your sitemap.
  • A 1.0 priority (highest) is automatically assigned to the following pages: default.htm, default.html, default.asp, default.aspx, index.htm, index.html, index.asp, index.aspx, home.htm, home.html, home.asp, and home.aspx. All other pages are assigned the default 0.5 priority.
  • Turn off indexing of images and/or script files.
  • Last sitemap generation date tracked per site.
  • Supports Expression Web file- and server-based sites.
  • Use on as many sites as you like.


Sitemap Information